Curse of the Golden Flower

Curse of the Golden Flower

Hello guys, I present you Curse of the Golden Flower, which I consider the best movie ever released. It is my favorite romance movie because parts felt very similar to my life experience. It's really hard for me to separate best from favorite. With best, you really have to distinguish what makes it important. Taking into consideration the influence it brought to the medium, be it with writing, direction, cinematography. It's just a magical trip to some of the happiest moments of my childhood. I don't think anything will ever come close, except for the Curse of the Golden Flower movie. I walked into this movie totally blind. I knew nothing about it, even never saw a trailer... The opening song still gives me goosebumps and increase temperature of my body. And most importantly this is a movie which restores your faith in Humanity and the true power of compassion. No better place than go123stream exist for free movies and tv shows so I added this movie here, you can now watch this movie online for free you can watch this movie online for free now

Genre: Romance, Drama

Actors: Yun-Fat Chow, Li Gong, Ye Liu, Junjie Qin, Dahong Ni, Jay Chou, Man Li, Jin Chen, Aaron C. Shang, Lisen Ai

Directors: Yimou Zhang

Country: China, Hong Kong

Production: Beijing New Picture Film Co., Edko Films, Elite Group Enterprises

Quality: HD

Release: 2006

IMDb: 7,5

Views: 63